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Choclate Pinata

Sweet Surprise Unleashed: Our Chocolate Piñata Cake, Filled with Delights. Expertly Crafted at Gordhan Bakery.

*Disclaimer :
( 1 ) Cake real look can be changed from image it can be not exactly same like shown in image .
( 2 ) Cake will be fine for one hour without fridge and with fridge upto 24 hours .
( 3 ) Please order minimum before 2 - 3 hours from when you want cake and if you want it urgently then contact us on +91 9754147555 .


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Unleash the sweet surprise of our Chocolate Piñata Cake. Gordhan Bakery’s expert bakers have crafted a masterpiece that’s not just a dessert but an experience. With a hidden treasure of delightful treats inside, every slice is an adventure, a celebration of excitement and indulgence. Discover the joy of breaking boundaries and embracing sweetness.

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