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Tandoori paneer pizza

Savor the Spice: Our Tandoori Pizza is a Flavourful Delight. Crafted with Care at Gordhan Bakery, it Boasts the Perfect Blend of Smoky Tandoori Paneer and Scrumptious toppings. Elevate Your Pizza Experience with This Exquisite Creation, Baked to Perfection for an Unforgettable Taste Adventure .

*Disclaimer :
( 1 ) Pizza real look can be changed from image it can be not exactly same like shown in image .
( 2 ) Please order minimum before 45 minutes - 1 hours from when you want pizza and if you want it urgently then contact us on +91 9754147555 .


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Embark on a Journey of Fiery Flavors with Our Tandoori Pizza. At Gordhan Bakery, we take great pride in presenting a culinary masterpiece that celebrates the rich heritage of Indian cuisine. Our Tandoori Pizza is an irresistible fusion of smoky Tandoori Paneer, complemented by an array of carefully chosen toppings that harmonize to perfection. Each bite offers a tantalizing symphony of spices and textures, making it a true indulgence for your taste buds. Handcrafted with love and using only the finest ingredients, this pizza promises an unforgettable taste adventure, elevating your pizza experience to a whole new level of satisfaction .


Large ( 9 Inch ), Small ( 6 Inch )

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